NCHU / ICSC gives the FIRST ICSC Sustainability Champion of the Year Award to NCHU's Ass. Professor PAI Hui-Chuan!

  • 2023-11-12
  • DRTheodoor
Ass. Professor PAI Hui-Chuan has become the NCHU – ICSC Sustainability Champion of the Year

Ass. Professor PAI has been one of the initiating Professors for the NCHU Green Campus Living Lab
Project and has put great effort in fostering awareness and engagment with her students in the
university's Center for Teacher Education. She has also been the essential driving force behind the
actualization of our International Conference on Sustainability Culture, 2 nd Edition on November 2 this
year. As such she is truly the ICSC Sustainability Champion for 2023.

It is intended to award the NCHU – ICSC Sustainability Champion Award from now on a yearly basis
at the closing of each yearly edition of the conference, as an encouragement to those who non-
remuneratively bring their passion for sustainability into our campus.