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About us

Introduction :
The IAC has made sustainability on the NCHU campus a priority issue. To facilitate its sustainability research and activities, the IAC has opened a Sustainability Office. This Office will initiate research projects on sustainability culture and how to be a leader in sustainability as Higher Education Institution. It will provide information to students and staff about how to implement the UN SDGs on campus, in the curriculum and as part of daily campus life. To this end, the office will start and support activities that will further this goal. As a very important part of its activities, the office will participate in and organize workshops and conferences, both national and international, that seek to advance the debate on how to be sustainable in education and otherwise, and what it takes to make a sustainable lifestyle our core value. 

Office coordinator :
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Theodoor Richard, PhD, who can be reached in his office at the IAC Building, room 220.
IAC Sustainability Coordinator, Research Fellow in Sustainability Culture.

Team members :

劉彥辰 陳宥綸 許詩妤
Yen-Chen, Liu 劉彥辰(Ashley)
Life Science
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Yu-Lun, Chen 陳宥綸
Life Science
I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.
-Mother Teresa
Yu-Lin, Huang 許詩妤(Chelsea)
Life Science
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Contact us :
IAC Office Tel​: 886-4-22840848    extension# 224
The current director's contact:
(Tel) 886-4-22840340  extension#805